“This band saves lives”

A poet’s purified truth can cause no pain, no offense. True art is above false honor.” — Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire Some time ago, I wrote about self-help and its factually erroneous, radically conservative, and dangerously counteractive cosmovision. In the piece in question, I contrasted the emotional shallowness and blind practicality of self-help (which relies on not … Continuar leyendo

My Strange Romance with the Self-Help Movement

Shamefully often, while working on a piece, I’ve stopped myself mid-way, and erased a couple hours worth of polished paragraphs, to welcome, once again, the empty page and the few days of erratic wandering through family libraries that the desire to write something really ambitious brings along. These brisk interruptions and discardings tend to come … Continuar leyendo