The West Is Gay

Presenting homosexuality as an enemy of “Western society” and a factor in the doom of empires is historically inaccurate and laughable conspiranoia. Traditionalist discourse tends to present homosexuality as some sort of insidious threat to Western society’s organic structure — One that is naturally composed by jolly, heterosexual families, whose reference tends to be accompanied by naif pictures or paintings of smiling … Seguir leyendo

Taking Email Advice from a Nazi Enabler

About identity, mental health, and your neighborhood nazi. I’m horrified. I had a feeling that this was bound to happen. It did. Fascists are like cockroaches in a 19th-century house with a chronic leakage problem: You step on three, and when you lift your sight, you find twenty or thirty around you, laying on their back, flapping their repugnant little … Seguir leyendo

My Strange Romance with the Self-Help Movement

Shamefully often, while working on a piece, I’ve stopped myself mid-way, and erased a couple hours worth of polished paragraphs, to welcome, once again, the empty page and the few days of erratic wandering through family libraries that the desire to write something really ambitious brings along. These brisk interruptions and discardings tend to come as the only reasonable consequence … Seguir leyendo