The texture of experience: On the tech-related difficulties of writing fiction

This is one of the equally heartwarming and frustrating writing experiences in which the topic at hand is as imperative and dear to me, as it is difficult to fully discuss in a single, readable occasion. Mark Fisher’s essay collection The Ghosts of My Life is essential to understanding why our culture regurgitates itself constantly: Why our futurism is a parody of … Seguir leyendo

My Strange Romance with the Self-Help Movement

Shamefully often, while working on a piece, I’ve stopped myself mid-way, and erased a couple hours worth of polished paragraphs, to welcome, once again, the empty page and the few days of erratic wandering through family libraries that the desire to write something really ambitious brings along. These brisk interruptions and discardings tend to come as the only reasonable consequence … Seguir leyendo

Ode to the physical format

Some time ago, I watched a wonderful video by Vox, on the success of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. The video explained how the novel’s success was made possible by the invention and spread of paperback books. Winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1961, To Kill a Mockingbird was at the pinnacle of the “paperback revolution”. Being the fruit of … Seguir leyendo

Dedicated to better times

I’ve just climbed up from a pile of office work, to write a few unrequested lines about one of my favourite novels. Please, don’t expect anything ambitious. When I first read Maurice by E.M. Forster, I was seventeen years old. I produced a sloppy little review for La Chambre Ardente, a journalistic project kept by a couple of film student … Seguir leyendo

Mr. Nabokov, sweeten my ear!

One of my favourite works of literary analysis is the first page and a half of Mikhail Epstein’s “Good-bye to Objects, or the Nabokovian in Nabokov”. Epstein begins by proposing the study of literature, not under the common categories related more to structure than to content, but in search of traits of a worldview, aesthetic and sentimental makeup most strongly … Seguir leyendo

Notes on Political Fiction

[The following is yet another edited transcript of a self-recorded ethylic midnight rant. I’ve tried to preserve some of its oral, long-winded qualities. I hope you enjoy it.] Let me take a while to think along with you, regarding fiction and politics. Some of my more general statements could apply to all forms of political art, but all particularities will … Seguir leyendo