The texture of experience: On the tech-related difficulties of writing fiction

This is one of the equally heartwarming and frustrating writing experiences in which the topic at hand is as imperative and dear to me, as it is difficult to fully discuss in a single, readable occasion. Mark Fisher’s essay collection The Ghosts of My Life is essential to understanding why our culture regurgitates itself constantly: Why our […]

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My Strange Romance with the Self-Help Movement

Shamefully often, while working on a piece, I’ve stopped myself mid-way, and erased a couple hours worth of polished paragraphs, to welcome, once again, the empty page and the few days of erratic wandering through family libraries that the desire to write something really ambitious brings along. These brisk interruptions and discardings tend to come […]

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Introduction to a Series of Ruminations on Prose

This doesn’t intend to be but an introduction to a short series of rambles, consequence of some fun little exercises that I tend to carry out while re-reading narrative pieces. I’d like to begin by explaining why I embark in such — one could argue, petty, squeamish examinations, to, in future pieces, dedicate myself to them exclusively. […]

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