The West Is Gay

Presenting homosexuality as an enemy of “Western society” and a factor in the doom of empires is historically inaccurate and laughable conspiranoia. Traditionalist discourse tends to present homosexuality as some sort of insidious threat to Western society’s organic structure — One that is naturally composed by jolly, heterosexual families, whose reference tends to be accompanied by naif pictures or paintings of smiling … Seguir leyendo

I’m actually excited about Space Gay Communism

The possibility of Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism is not only palpable but also pretty exciting. It’s the 30h of July of 2018, as you might have read above. I’m currently sitting in my dining room, all alone, in the silent company of my obese cat, and other progressive clichés. I’ve got a confession to make: In spite of an unpublished … Seguir leyendo