My name is Aaron Marco Arias. I grew up in a Catholic school, in the west of the Buenos Aires Province, in Argentina.

I first paid attention to a novel at age thirteen. I started reading because I wanted to be a lyricist. I had recently found out that the song that was my favourite back then, (“Death on the stairs” by The Libertines) had been loosely inspired by Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan”. I had recently purchased Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die– Oh, Lord, I’m making my scarce age quite evident. However, Lana Del Rey often referenced Nabokov’s Lolita, so the first book I ever enjoyed reading was Lolita.

In the following years, I’d blog about literature, edit the works of some film student friends of mine, start an independent publishing project, have it flop, learn, work as a content strategist for a translation agency, and suffer from a couple of depression’s many variants

Currently, I’m the creative director of The God of Noise, I study Letters at the University of Buenos Aires, write, and restore mid-century wooden furniture with astonishing success.

Nada Respetable is a collection of thoughts regarding literature, civil rights, sexuality, and mental health. It started as an attempt to make up for the frankness I lacked in my own life. Lately, I’ve been trying to make it slightly less selfish than that.


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