On “content creation” and how a tool I didn’t believe in saved my blog! [DOWNLOAD MY E-BOOK, IT’S GETTING ME THROUGH TAX-FUNDED COLLEGE!]

Particularly when the topic I’ll be treating directly involves my behaviour, it’s really hard for me to remove myself from my writing. I’ll apologize for sticking my unsavory figure into this topic too.

I’ve been aiming to write at least three posts a week, which is a recommended volume of material, or as it is often stated, “steady stream of content”, word that, in order for me to mantain certain respectable intellectual standing, I always accompain with a note on how much I loathe it. This stream of content has to be of quality. Quality content— I have to produce three not-too-long, not-too-heavy, pieces of content every week. This content has to be valuable, in the sense that it has to be useful. For those who, like a past self of mine, have to pump content instrumental to the promotion of a product, the affair is easy.

“What does the company do?”, you ask yourself- “It sells glue to add tiles to bathroom walls.”

“What’s our target demographic?”, you ask yourself – “[INSERT DESCRIPTION OF BUYER PERSONA HERE]”

And then, being very aware of keywords and so on, you pen some guides on how to install bathroom tiles easily, or on how to recognize high-quality tiles. The reader has to derive some value from your content. It has to be useful. “How useful can I be if I provide entertainment?”, I ask myself. I don’t aim to teach, do I? I don’t aim to be useful, I aim to inform and entertain.

“What do I inform and entertain about?”, I ask myself. About politics and books, I guess – and about sex and my feeble mental health. Is that enough? Am I doing it well? Not often enough, I know! But am I doing it well?

I’ve been measuring the gravety of my intellectual bankrupcy in the distance I am from seriously writing a list. “How pretentious is this? What’s wrong with lists?”, I ask myself- I could write great lists about these topics of my interest.

A couple of hours ago, I opened one of those Random Content Ideas Generator Web Apps. From this humilliating experiment, I earned some valuable suggestions, which I aim to develop in a series of contents. I’ve been preparing their meta titles and meta descriptions. Some have to be shorten to please Google, I know. Consider the following as previews:

  • The literature article of your dreams: A post on how you can turn your dream from some tool to dispense your relatives and coworkers some early-morning-annoyance, to a fully-fleshed short story (provided the dream in question has been erotic).
  • 13 movies with unbelievable scenes about literature:  List of Hollywood blockbusters that include scenes that unfold inside libraries.
  • Save your marriage using only literature: A listlet containing ten tips on how to stage a reenactment of Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? to shock a younger couple of your choice.
  • 16 uses for literature: If you really try, you can even make a living off of the goddamn thing!
  • How literature could get you blacklisted: A piece of Vice-style journalism on banned books. Wonderful idea. It’s a rather sorry affair, my poverty.
  • How to make literature as fierce as RuPaul: Compilation of creative tips from gay writers.



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